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Elitech Technology, Inc, has grown from a small hardware company to a global leading cold chain IoT corporation over the last 27 years since its establishment in 1996. Elitech is devoted to providing high-quality refrigeration products and advanced monitoring services worldwide. Products from Elitech help to save time and resources, protect the environment and the health of humans, and increase the value of goods and services.


Global Presence



Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California in the USA, Elitech has a global presence with offices in the UK, Brazil, Russia and China's Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Xuzhou. The business covers more than 120 countries and regions across the globe.


We believe innovation preceding all, our intelligent solutions help industries like life science, food and HVAC/R players manage and finish their work in a smarter way.


R&D and Innovation


Elitech is developing at full speed with an average annual growth of almost 40% in recent years, and over 8% of the annual turnover is invested in Research & Development. The above-average investments in the future of the company are a part of Elitech's recipe for success.


The high-tech company has 1,200 staff worldwide, amongst which 220 top-tier engineers develop nearly 100 new products each year. Elitech owns 150 authorized patents including 58 software patents.




Adhering to a series of strict standards worldwide, Elitech products are of first-class quality, and approved by authoritative certifications of safety, quality management system and calibration.


Certificates: FDA, ETL, FC, RoHS, NIST, UL, WHO, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, TS16949, OHSAS18001:2011, VDE, GB/T28001, TS16949, EN12830, RCTA/DO-160G...


Top-end Manufacturing Base & Testing Lab




Elitech’s manufacturing partner invests CNY 1.5 billion in building the Global Cold Chain IoT Industrial Park. With a total area of 66,660㎡, the park consists of Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Technology Innovation Center, National CNAS Laboratory and E-commerce Platform.




Elitech owns a fully equipped R&D testing lab with over 100 sets of instrument devices, reaching the international leading level in the industry. The laboratory is capable of completing Industrial Level-4 EMC electromagnetic interference testing experiments on performance, environment, lightning surge, cycle drop, and electrostatic discharge, as well as extreme tests such as high/low temperature impact, high/low temperature damp and heat alternating.


Full Value Chain Products & Services




Elitech products and services serve many industries including life science, medical and pharmaceutical industry, food, and collection storage, and a whole logistic process from manufacturing, handling, storage, and distribution.




Elitech provides professional products and services for cold chain IoT temperature and humidity tracking, HVAC smart tools, refrigeration system control and air quality monitoring.


Over the years, Elitech has always been focusing on innovation surrounding customers' needs, and providing the best alternatives for performing their work better and more conveniently.

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