LogEt 1 Bio Temperature Data Logger Single Use PDF Temperature Recorder

LogEt 1 Bio Single-Use Temperature Data Logger is a low-power LCD data logger with a USB connector that has quick access to PDF data reports without any software. Elitech provides data management and data storage solutions for cold chain pharmaceuticals. This is an ideal device to monitor temperature-sensitive products throughout storage and transportation in pharmaceuticals.

Elitech LogEt 1Bio Temperature Data Logger Single Use PDF Report USB Port 16000 Points

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Technician Parameters:

  • Battery Life: 2 years/CR2450 button cell

  • Log interval: 12m (Default, others on request)

  • Recording Duration: Up to 120 days (Default, others on request)

  • Certifications: EN12830, CE, Rohs

  • Validation Certificate: Hardcopy

  • Connection Interface: USB 2.0 (Standard Type A Connector)

  • Alarm Configuration: Optional, up to 5 thresholds

  • Protection Class: IP67

  • Dimensions:9.5(L)*5.2(W)*0.8(H) cm

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