LogEt 8 TH Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Want to monitor the temperature of refrigeration of drug and food storage better?

Elitech LogEt 8, temperature and humidity data logger is ideal for temperature-sensitive products during storage and transportation. Featuring higher accuracy of ±0.6℉, it is widely used in the life science field such as blood, vaccines, pharmaceutical. With a USB port, it is much convenient to set technical parameters and export the data. The data logger aims to protect the entire storage and shipment process and provides an accurate and reliable temperature monitoring activity. 

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Elitech LogEt 8 TH Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Reusable PDF Report USB Port 16000 Points


  • 【Multi-use and High Recording Capacity】Up to 16,000 temperature points and 16,000 humidity points.

  • 【High-precision Internal Temperature and Humidity Sensor】A wide temperature and humidity range from -22°F to 158°F and 10% to 90% with high accuracy, up to ±0.6℉ and  ±3%RH, more suitable for a variety of temperature and humidity sensitive products.

  • 【Plug and Read】No cable or reader required, the USB connector enables quick connection to PCs to download data.

  • 【PDF Report】Auto encrypted and generated PDF report with password protection function; Personalized settings and management provided by free Elitechlog software.

  • 【Long Working Life】 Adopting a replaceable lithium battery, it can be stored and used within 2 years*.

  • Each S/N number comes with a calibration certificate.

  • Measuring Range: -30℃~+70℃/ 10%-90%; Resolution: 0.1℃

  • Accuracy: Temperature: ±0.3℃( -20℃~+40℃);±0.5℃(others)

  • Humidity: ±3%RH( 20%~80%RH);±5%RH(others)

  • Sensor Type: Internal and external temperature and humidity sensors

  • Memory: 16000 points (MAX)

  • Logging Interval: 10 seconds~24hours

  • Start Mode: Button or software

  • Stop Mode: Button, software or stop when full

  • Alarm thresholds: Up to 3 high limits and 2 low limits

  • Dimensions: 4 x1.8x 0.8 inches (L*W*H)

  • Alarm Type: Single/Cumulative

  • Data Transmission: USB report

  • Report Type: PDF format

  • Data Encryption: Set password to ensure data security

  • Battery: 3.6V single-use lithium battery

  • Battery Life: 2 years (stored and used in normal temperature environment)

  • Protection Grade: IP65

  • Weight: 0.13 lb

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