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Elitech iCold – Your Safe Choice for Cold Chain Management

  Elitech iCold is a cloud-based platform developed by Elitech Technology, Inc. designed for real-time monitoring and management of the cold chain. The platform is intended to ensure the efficacy and safety of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, and chemicals during storage and transportation.

  Elitech iCold leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technology, cloud computing, big data analysis, and intelligent temperature control to provide comprehensive cold chain monitoring solutions. This system allows users to monitor temperature, humidity, and location data remotely, ensuring compliance with strict industry standards and regulations, such as FDA requirements.

  Six Main Features

  ① Compliance & Safety

  The platform is FDA certified, and is in conformity with iso/iec 20000-1:2018 and iso/iec 27001-2013 standard.


  ② AI for Refrigeration

  Providing equipment fault diagnosis, energy-efficient operation, and predictive maintenance

  Refrigeration data visualization management.

  ③ Rapid Cloud Migration

  One-stop cloud migration for terminal management, zero integration cost, enabling rapid cloud migration.

  Independent development of frontend business applications, quickly responding to customer needs.

  ④ Covering All Segments

  Real-time monitoring of the cold chain, alert management, equipment tracking, predictive maintenance, user management, data analysis, and other functional requirements.

  Provide monitoring and visualization for all segments from production, storage, and transportation to retail.

  ⑤ Multi-party Regulation

  National negotiation and planning information platform access services.

  Third-party business platform integration services.

  ⑥ Stable & Reliable

  Distributed microservices architecture with load balancing, capable of connecting and distributing data for 10 millions of devices, ensuring stable and reliable operation.

  Utilize multiple redundant reception and mechanisms to ensure data integrity without loss.

  The platform supports various data logger types, including Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, and USB. It offers features like real-time data viewing, remote alarms, data export, and parameter configuration. Users can access the platform via web browsers or mobile apps available for both iOS and Android device.


  Elitech iCold aims to provide a global cold chain security cloud service, offering safe, reliable, and high-quality monitoring solutions. This helps businesses maintain the integrity of their temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire cold chain process.

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