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Refrigerant leak detector---The smart tool for a high-efficient AC cooling system

A leaking refrigerant air conditioner system can cause a lot of problems for the owners. As a major problem, it can make the AC cooling system work inefficiently, consequently, it will also increase your monthly energy bill, not to mention that a leak left unrepaired may require a continuous recharge of the unit. Lastly, but still very important, refrigerant leaks can be harmful to your health and hazardous to the environment.

Refrigerant leakage can be an invisible contribution to climate pollution. This issue has been manifested in many supermarkets around the US. An under-covered study by the environmental investigation Agency (EIA) in 45 US supermarkets is said to have found that 55% of the stores were measurably leaking HFC refrigerants.

Preventive refrigerant maintenance is very important, it helps not only reduce environmental impacts but also help food retail store to save money. Preventing refrigerant leakages is always less expensive than repairing them. One essential tool to prevent leakages is the refrigerant leak detector which many HVAC technicians already use.


The Elitech ILD-300 is a professional refrigerant leak detector that was made to last, it uses the infrared method which is an infrared light applied to detect refrigerant. This is the most sensitive and accurate technology.

The unit is one of the favorites among HVAC professionals, it is durable and shows a better level of accuracy, it also has a fast response rate for all types of refrigerants.


Natural refrigerant R-744 (CO2) is gaining attention and is being increasingly widely used for the HVAC/R industry. Elitech Inframate C is specially designed for R-744 refrigerant leak detection.

The earlier a leakage is detected, the better. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous to your system’s function, your finances, and your health.

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