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Temtop PMS 22 Particle Counter

PMS 22 particle counter is a sensor module that uses the principle of laser scattering to detect 0.3μm, 0.5μm, 1μm, 2.5μm, 5μm, 10μm in the atmospheric environment. The sensor is made with advanced processing chips and light-sensitive elements. After collected, the signals are processed by a microprocessor and output in the form of a universal digital interface.
The PMS 22 can accurately detect the counts of different sizes of particles in the atmospheric environment in real-time. 

Key Feature:
6-channel particle size monitoring. Benchmarking β ray method adopted, enjoying higher accuracy and correlation
Equipped with four-wire brushless vacuum pμmp, enjoying higher sampling efficiency
All-metal precise optical-mechanical structure, stable operation in multiple scenes
Small size, convenient for the integrated use of multiple devices
Continuous working for 10,000 hours normally

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Dimensions: 4.45*3.46*1.50 Inches
Working Principle: Laser Mie-scattering Principle
Working Temperature Range: 0~50℃
Storage Temperature Range: -10℃~60℃
Flow Rate: 2.83L/min(0.1 CFM) (Standard)
Sampling Period: 6s
Communication Mode: RS485
Weight: 0.8 lb

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