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ECB-2030 Three Phase Electrical Control Panel

This series of electric cabinets are suitable for the control of medium and low temperature clod storage and quick freezers.

The electric cabinet has a shell of ABS flame retardant material and modular design. It adopts a large panel screen with touch keys on which temperature parameters are displayed and monitored centrally. For hotels, supermarkets and other operating places, the product has business and non-business modes.

It has various protection functions such as compressor high-pressure protection, low-pressure protection, module protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, phase missing protection, three-phase unbalance protection and inverse time limit protection.

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Control load: Compressor, defroster, air cooler
Supply voltage: 3-phase, 5-wire or 3-phase 4-wire 380VAC±10% 50/60HZ
Applicable compressor power: 5HP, 10HP, 15HP
Compressor start mode: Direct start
Condenser type: Air cooled
Defrost mode: Electric
Thermostat model: ECB-2000
Control range: -40℃~85℃
Control accuracy: ±1℃
Display resolution: 0.1℃
Temperature sensor type: NTC (10KΩ/25℃, B value 3435K) (sensor length 5m)
Compressor protection output delay: 1~120 min, adjustable
Defrost start mode: cyclic defrost and clock defrost, optional
External signal protection input: two lines of external signal input
Motor protector: the thermostat is self-contained (with phase missing, phase sequence, overload, three-phase unbalance and inverse time limit protection functions, among others)
Current measuring range: 0~80A, equipment with instantaneous current exceeding 230A not allowed
Current measuring accuracy: ±3% (within nominal range of the transformer) and ±2A (0~30A)
Current display resolution: 0.1A
5-15HP dimensions (W*H*D): 380*329*140mm
Color: white
Remote monitoring: product model with WIFI for networking
Networking module: RCW-2E
Service environment: temperature: -10℃~60℃; humidity: 20%~90%RH, condensation prevention; Designed to be placed in a ventilated and dry environment away from heat sources and direct sunlight

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