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VGW-760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge


- Brand new Vacuum Gauge: Used for system leakage testing and discern vacuum pump quality of the evacuation in an HVAC and refrigeration system; accurate measurements from 19,000 Microns (atmosphere) to 0 Micron.
- Free App (iOS and Android): Settable high/low-pressure alarm, you can receive remote notifications when readings move beyond a predetermined value. The data could be recorded and exported in Excel and PDF format.
- Long Transmission Distance: Elitech Pressure Gauge App is connected by wireless Bluetooth technology, up to 1187' in ideal conditions (no obstructions).
- Rubberized water-resistant housing (IP65 Rated); ensure a deep vacuum throughout the entire system and prevent the mist when the refrigerant caused by refrigerant bottle blasting.
- Multiple units:  Easy conversion between 8 measurement units: inHg, Torr, psi, mbar, mTorr, Pa, micron, Kpa.

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Measuring range: 0-19000 micron
Operating temperature 0°F~140°F(-178°C~60°C)
Resolution: 0-400 1Micron
400-3000 10Micron
3000-10000 100 Micron
10000-19000 250Micron
Wireless transmission distance: 30m
Offline records: 9943 readings
Fitting: 1/4" Male Flare
Product size: 127*74*37mm
Power supply: 3 AA batteries
Max overpressure: 27.5 bar
Time in use: 180h
Units: inHg, Torr, psi, mbar, mTorr, Pa, micron, kPa
Auto off time: 15min
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