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MS-2000/4000 Intelligent 2 Valves Digital Manifold

Elitech EMG-20V, an intelligent HVAC digital manifold gauge, help you measure fast and operate easily via large graphic and smartphone. With its touch screen, pressure, vacuum and temperature values will be at a glance in your hand. It is suitable for daily inspection and maintenance of the HVAC/R system.


  • Simple & easy operation with 5” smart touch screen, clear data display

  • Remote data monitoring and analysis in real-time on the mobile App

  • Easy data transfer via USB port. Data storage capacity up to 100,000 data points

  • Pressure, vacuum and temperature curve display, analysis intuitive and efficient

  • Auto Heat Pump Mode without changing the refrigerants hoses

  • Detect the vacuum leakage, monitoring the vacuum value precisely

  • Our service: 1-year warranty. 30 days free & easy return.

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Pressure (High-Pressure Port and Low-Pressure Port )
Measuring Range: -14.5~800psi/-1.0~56.2kg/cm2/-1.0~55.2bar/-0.1~5.5MPa
Accuracy:  0.5%FS
Resolution: 0.1psi/0.1kg/cm2/0.1bar/0.01MPa
Pressure unit: psi, inHg, kg/cm2, cmHg, bar, kPa, MPa
Data Sampling Frequency: 0.5S
Overload: 1000psi/70kg/cm2/69bar/6.8MPa
Temperature Clamp (High-Pressure Port and Low-Pressure Port )
Temperature Range: -40℉-300℉/ -40℃-150℃
Accuracy: ±0.1℃/±0.18℉
Resolution: 0.1℉/℃
Temperature Unit: ℉, ℃
Range: 0-19000 microns                         
Accuracy: 0-10000microns, ±10% of Reading / ±10 microns; 10000-19000microns, ±20% of Reading  
Vacuum Unit: inHg, Torr, psia, mbar, mTorr, Pa, micron, kPa
Resolution: 0-400, 1 microns; 400-3000, 10 microns; 3000-10000, 100 microns; 10000-19000, 250 microns;
Interface: 1/4SAE and 1/4SAET
Interface: 1/4 SAE*3 & 3/8 SAE*1
Sensor interface: PS/2*2 ( left interface is temperature & vacuum probe multiplexing)
USB Interface: Type-C*1 (for data export and charging)
Dimensions: 254*215*46mm
Weight: 3.5lb/1.5kg
Working temperature: -20~60℃/-4~140℉
Storage temperature: -40~80℃/-40~176℉
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