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LMC-200 Electronic HVAC Refrigerant Charging Weight Scale

Elitech LMC-200 electronic refrigerant charging scale is compatible with all refrigerants and displays the measurements in three different metrics – ounces, pounds, and kilograms, thus eliminating the need to use the calculator to convert the units for recording purposes.

Key Feature

  • Professionally designed to meet your requirements: Three display modes: kgs, lbs, and oz. High capacity: 220lbs(100kg).

  • Ideal for HVAC and refrigeration service: Zero(Tare) function, auto-off design, high visibility LCD display with backlight, durable aluminum material. 

  • Portable carrying bag: Heavy-duty carrying bag included- goes easily where you need it.

  • Delivers dependability to get the job done: High accuracy and resolution, can be used with all refrigerants.

  • Features a slip-resistant platform: Slip-Resistant rugged weighing Platform, good for all sized popular refrigerant tanks.

Weighing operation

  • Take out the scale from the package and place it on the firm and flat surface.

  • Draw out the spiral line of the hand-held device from the side of the scale.

  • Press the "power" button on the hand-held device, the buzzer will beep once indicating self-test is finished.

  • Press"unit" to switch between "Kg", "Oz" and "Lb".

  • Press "zero" to zero(tare) the scale.

  • Place the refrigerant tank in the center of the scale platform; zero (tare) it again to display the weight of the refrigerant.

  • Observe the change of refrigerant weight in real-time during charging and recovery.

Note: If the weight applied to the weighing platform exceeds the maximum weight(100kg), the characters "full" will appear on the screen and a red LED will flash to alert you.
The battery power is indicated in segments, which reduces power consumption until the frame of the battery icon flashes. Later on, the LCD will become unstable.
Please change the batteries before the LCD indicates unstable in case the error message impact the normal use of the scale.

Safety notice

  • Please use the scale in a specified environment to avoid error or damage to the sensor.

  • Please do not use a chemical solvent or corrosive liquid to clean the scale.

  • Please do not disassemble the scale body and inner device; otherwise, it may cause a great weighing error.

  • Please do not pull the spiral line hard in a case measuring error and damage the sensor.

  • Remove the batteries if the scale is not used for a long time in case battery leakage will corrode the scale. The batteries included are not rechargeable.

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Maximum capacity100kg(220Lb)
Accuracy±0.05% rdg+10g
Power supply5 AAA Batteries
Battery life40 hours
Auto off10 minutes after inactivity
Backlight auto off10 seconds after inactivity
Operating temperature-10℃~40℃
Storage temperature-15℃~50℃
Temperature fluctuation range5℃/h
Relative humidity50~85%RH
Dimensions271*271*74 mm

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