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LD-100 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector

Elitech LD-100 heated diode refrigerant leak detector offers great sensitivity (3g/yr) and short response time (<3s)It will respond to all halogenated (including Chlorine of Fluorine) refrigerantsThis is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive heated diode sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit. In addition to the supreme performance and functional advantages, it is economic and user friendly. 

Proper maintenance is important and may extend the service life and improve the performance of your detector.
Warning: Turn the power off before cleaning the body of the device.
Keep the sensor tip clean: Use a cotton cloth or dry air to clean the shield on the sensor tip if it gets contaminated. If the sensor tip itself is contaminated, soak the tip in absolute alcohol for a few minutes, and then use compressed air to dry it, or dry it with a cloth.
Note: Never use strong solvents such as Gasoline, mineral oil, turpentine, these solvents may coat the sensor with a thin film and reduce the sensitivity of the detector and make the detector slow in respond to a leakage.
Put the detector and the sensor in a dry and clean place and remove the batteries if the detector is not used for a long time.

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  • Sensor type: Heated Diode sensor

  • Minimum Sensitivity: 3g/yr

  • Response time:<3s

  • Warm-up time:<60s

  • Ambient Environment:Temperature: 0℃~50℃; Humidity: < 80%RH(non condensing)

  • Display method: Highlight LED display

  • One-touch reset and six-level adjustable sensitivity

  • The true mechanical pump provides instant response and clearing

  • Battery level indication

  • Sensor failure indication

  • Three 1.5V AA high-energy battery

  • Unique shape design

  • Flexible stainless probe

Application of refrigerant
It will respond to all halogenated (including Chlorine of Fluorine) refrigerants. This includes, but is not limited to:
CFCs e.g.R12,R11,R500,R503 etc…
HCFCs e.g.R22,R123,R124,R502 etc…
HFCs e.g.R134a,R404a,R410A,R407C etc…
CH R600a

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