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TI-2S NFC Temperature Data Logger

Elitech TI-2S is a temperature sticker with 3800 points of memory, mainly used in life science, biological agents, cold chain food, precision instruments, and other application scenarios. The product is thin and small, simple, reliable, and easy to start and stop. It is especially suitable for the smallest packaged products. It supports the reading of key data during monitoring through handheld terminals such as mobile phones with NFC functions, and long battery life to ensure data recording during the entire use process.

Key Feature

  • 【Easy】 Start and stop by breaking the sticker

  • 【Fast】Fast transfer and generate a data report including recorded up to 3800 readings on your IOS/Android device (phone or tablet) free app using NFC.

  • 【Portable】Small and light, which is convenient to attach to any package.

  • 【Reliable】3 years-long battery life, comes with a calibration certificate, provides an accurate data report. (Please email/message us for the calibration certificate.)

  • 【Widely used】Trusted in the storage and transportation of life science and other cold chains, such as vaccines and medicines, food and beverage, precision instruments, etc.

  • Specifications
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  • Measuring Range: -30℃~60℃/-22℉~140℉

  • Accuracy: ±0.5℃(-20℃~40℃),±1℃(others)

  • Default Log Interval: 1 hour

  • Sensor: Built-in NTC

  • Start Delay: 1min~24h

  • Start Mode: Start by breaking the upper sticker

  • Stop Mode: Stop by breaking the lower sticker

  • Alarm Threshold: 1 high limit and 1 low limit

  • Alarm Type: Single, Cumulative

  • Data Interface: NFC (Android only)

  • Battery Life: 3 years

  • Shelf Life: 4 years/CR2032 lithium battery

  • Protection: IP54

  • Weight: 11g

  • Dimensions: 40mm*57mm*5.5mm

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